Friday, December 7, 2007

Another quiz, another mishearing

Yesterday in response to the pub quiz question, "What is the Danish for 'toast'" I was on pretty confident ground, having lived in Scandinavia, and called out the answer 'Tostbrod', to everyone's amusement, only to be told the answer was 'Skol'. I'd clearly got a bit ahead of myself and hadn't heard the indefinite article 'a'.

Shock at Dusseldorf Airport

Last weekend I was taking a flight from Dusseldorf to Munich and I was standing in the queue to hand in my boarding card and board the plane. The man in front of me had an argument with the airline official and then, when it was my turn, the airline official took my ticket and said, under his breath, 'Sod off'. I was rather surprised and a bit offended. That was until half an hour later when I realised he'd actually said 'Dusseldorf' really quickly.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Shoe search

Yesterday I went to a pub where I'd accidentally left a couple of pencil drawings of rhododendrons last week. I said to the Australian bartender 'I left some sketches here last week. Could you see if they've been handed in, please?' He went to the end of the bar and phoned the office, only to come back and say: 'Sorry. No one's handed in any shoes lately.' I was staggered until I realised he'd mistaken 'sketches' for 'Skechers', a famous shoe brand.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


I had a traumatic culinary experience today when I picked some fresh spinach from the garden thinking 'how idyllic' and then a snail fell into the washing up bowl as I went to wash the leaves. I took the snail outside and threw it down the garden, only to return to find a bright green caterpillar had taken its place. I carefully placed that on a leaf, only to return to find an earwig having a paddle in the washing-up bowl. After all that I nearly lost my appetite. But obviously this experience was still in my head last night when I was watching Jamie Oliver's TV programme and heard him say 'Take a healthy slug.' All sorts of thoughts were going through my head until he said the next part of the sentence: 'of white wine'.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rick Stein

I just walked into the living-room only to hear the chef Rick Stein saying on television: 'You can't beat roast bat.' When I looked at the screen there was a huge seabass and not a bat, so that was a relief.

mishearing a radio excerpt

Yesterday I walked into the kitchen where the BBC Radio 4 News was on and heard, to my surprise, the newsreader say the following: A man who froze to death has been fined £20,000...... 'What's the world coming to?' I thought, until I heard the next part:
...... for carrying out 20 operations on animals. I then realised that the first part of the sentence was: A man who posed as a vet... and not A man who froze to death...


Our team was in the lead the pub quiz on Sunday when the following question came up:

Name the most famous maker of candelabras in the world.

The six of us were completely floored by this and all felt very ignorant. In the end we had to leave the answer blank. Imagine our surprise when the quiz master gave the answer as Foster's. We'd misheard the question which was in fact:

Name the most famous maker of canned lagers in the world.
Consequently we came second.